About Us

As a father and daughter team with more than 40 years experience in general legal practice, there isn’t a lot we haven’t seen or dealt with before. Doesn’t matter what area of law it is or whether it is a minor or a major issue. We can help.

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Have you ever thought what will happen to your children if both parents die in the same accident? Ever thought about a Power of Attorney or a Power of Guardianship? Need a Will? We can help.

A broken relationship and you need someone to speak on your behalf? A person who can stand up to your ex- partner? Someone you can trust to ensure you get your fair share? Going through a separation? We can help.

Just bought a new house or a new business and the sale contract is overwhelming and hard to understand and you are not sure whether it is in your best interest? Don’t sign anything you are not sure about. We can help.

It doesn’t matter what your legal problem is, big or small, at Groven Legal we can help.


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